Nielsen Report Offers New Data on Social Media Use

The 2016 Nielsen Social Media Report offers great insights for anyone who wants to connect with people online.

Social media is one of the biggest opportunities that companies across industries have to connect directly to consumers. And it turns out that social media users can be pretty receptive—especially heavy users, who spend over 3 hours per day on social media.

The mostly widely reported finding in the report is that the heavy social media user group isn’t Millennials; Generation X (ages 35-49) spends the most time on social media. Other stats:

  • 39 percent of heavy social users believe that finding out about products and services is an important reason for using a social network.
  • Unbiased customer reviews are valued content
  • 35% of heavy users cite special discounts as important, such as access to exclusive offers and coupons
  • 29 percent of heavy users say supporting their favorite companies or brands somewhat to very important