Social Media Success – All About the Content

header papercrumplesThere’s no magic formula to social media success, but great content comes pretty darn close. It is hard to fail to gain attention on social media if you are consistently sharing content that your customers and potential customers care about.

Every social media channel has opportunities to pay to place ads to get attention. While some of these might be a worthwhile investment depending on your business, your goals, and your target audience, the real secret to success is the organic (non-paid) content that you share.

Despite the things that Facebook and other social networks have done to limit how many people see your organic content, it is still important to your efforts to build solid relationships online. Quality content matters, and is the difference between catching the attention of a new customer and going completely unnoticed.

Quality matters. If you’re simply pumping out poor quality content, people won’t stop to look at it. Content that offers new insights and information that people can use will get attention every time.

Your content should be interesting, unique and engaging. Be sure to vary the formats – text, images, videos, white papers, infographics, etc.

Post content regularly. Great content does not have to come daily, but people need to know when to expect more from you. You have to keep the attention of your target audience to keep them on the lookout for the latest from you.