Think Through These Content Questions Before You Post

header-graffitiYou are sharing content on social media – great! But posting is not enough. You have to post the right things to reach the right people. Here are some questions to work through to make sure you are positioned for success in your online communication efforts.

The 5 Ws of Social Engagement

  1. Who do you want to reach – specifically?
  2. What do they want to know? Your ability to get them what they want is key to your success on social media.
  3. Where is your target audience online?
  4. When does your audience want to hear from you?
  5. Why are you on social media – what are your goals?

Establish Your Voice

Tone – Establish your voice online. Keep in mind that you may need to vary by platform. For example, Facebook is a network of friends, while LinkedIn supports communication among business connections.

Topic – What broad topic areas are points of intersection between the needs and interests of your target audience and your business goals?

Type – What type of content does your target person like best? Do they like short text or prefer deeper dives? Are they more likely to react to a photo or video?

Delivery – When does your audience like to hear from you? Are you most helpful to them during or after business hours? On weekends? You have to reach people at the right time or your message may not earn their attention.

Give and Take

What is your balance of targeting the interests of your audience versus straight pitches of your products and services? Think about when you talk to customers offline – it is never sell, sell, sell. You ask about their families, laugh at their jokes, and share stories from your personal life. You need to do the equivalent online. About 80 percent of your posts need to be about developing relationships. Twenty percent (or less) should be straight pitches to buy whatever you are selling.