Digital Strategy on Twitter

headercreativecomputerTwitter is often an important online tool for building your brand and reaching your target audience. Notice I said “often” and not “always.” However, if you have developed your social media strategy and Twitter is part of the mix, here are some thoughts to help you get the most from your presence there.

Twitter can be a great was to listen and engage with your target audience.

Start with your profile. It should answer these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What is your subject of expertise
  • What is your passion
  • What is your story

With a profile in place that will attract the right audience, you can start creating and sharing content on Twitter. Although you mostly hear about text character limits on this channel, images and video get a lot of attention on twitter. So, think multimedia when you are creating your content.

Be sure to follow the people and brands that interest you. Share valuable content and posts created by others. Interacting with content posted by others is an important part of engaging on Twitter.

Also use Twitter to keep updated on what is said about your brand and field. Be sure to take part in discussions that are important to your field or industry. If you aren’t part of the conversation, you aren’t relevant.

Be active every day on Twitter.  Post regularly for at least a month before you start to assess what is working and what’s not. Your daily activity should involve:

  • Posting your content
  • Sharing content someone else created
  • Following at least one new account
  • Looking at what is trending on Twitter and commenting on the items that are relevant to you and your brand

As you participate on Twitter, take note of the keywords and hashtags that are common in the content that the relevant to you. Keep a list and be sure to use these words in your posts and comments to make sure your content becomes part of the conversations that you want to target.