Getting to the Right Facebook Ad


How do you create an effective Facebook ad? If you are like many brands online, Facebook ads have probably gotten on the list of things to try.

Creating an effective Facebook ad starts with having a deep understanding if your target audience. It’s not “the general public” and even something like “working mothers” is fat too broad.

You need to narrow your target to as specific a group of people as possible. Sending your ad to the wrong people wastes money and will reduce the impact.

As you develop your ad, keep the context in mind. Facebook users have a lot of information to scan through. Facebook users’ attention lasts just seconds. So, your ad has to grab them quickly.

Focus on one central message. Grab attention to that message with words and image.

2 thoughts on “Getting to the Right Facebook Ad

  1. Thanks Jill. How are you? I just retweeted this! 🙂

    Similar take on Twitter ads? I haven’t tried Twitter ads yet for self or others, but hope to in the near future.



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    1. I am not a fan of paid outreach in general, but Facebook has made that a necessity on that platform. I haven’t yet been convinced of the value of Twitter ads. I don’t see the value for any of my current clients. I’m all about matching goals with the most effective tactics.


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