The Basics of Creating Great Social Media Graphics

header paperonlineGuest Post by Lisa Nicholls, Tira! Strategies

I love graphics. I think that good graphics are the key to great social media content. Good graphics make you feel – they bring out your emotions. They tell a story. In fact, pictures get more engagement – up to 94% more views than content without photos on Facebook and 2-3 times more engagement than posts without images. Additionally, visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media.

What’s the secret to creating good graphics that engage your audience? My top 3 tips for good graphics are:

  1. Less words, more image in your graphic.
  2. Branded your quotes and graphics but don’t make them identical.
  3. Be sure they’re mobile friendly – 80% of time on social media is spent on a mobile device.

First of all, a great graphic starts with a great photo. My top advice is to STOP googling images for your social media posts! Those googled images may be copyrighted, and the owner of the copyright may decide to take action against you. With all of the great free stock photo sites and free graphics programs out there, there’s no reason to use googled images.

My favorite sites for free graphics are Unsplash and LibreStock. They both have beautiful photos that work well for social media posts and graphics. LibreStock compiles free photos from over 30 different stock photo sites. It’s always a good idea to check the licensing of any free or purchased photo you select to be sure it’s OK to use.

You can also create quotes on your phone with apps like WordSwag and Adobe Spark Post. These easy apps make it a snap to create a quote that you can use on your social media pages in minutes, and even allow you to add a logo or watermark to brand your graphic!

When you’re ready to go beyond your phone to create social media graphics, check out Canva, if you’re not using it already. Canva as an app on your phone is OK, but Canva as a laptop or desk program is amazing!

Canva allows you to create branded social media graphics that almost look like they were done by a design professional. Best of all, Canva is incredibly easy to use, even if you’re not a design professional. They also have great video tutorials on how to do all these cool things in the program to kick your graphic game up a notch or two. If you’re not currently using Canva, start now. You will thank me!