Twitter and Facebook Have Changed

header bikerriskJust when you think you have social media figured out, you realize that the rules change all the time. Both Facebook and Twitter have made changes recently that impact what you can do on each platform.

Facebook Changes

Facebook guidelines and user preferences are impacting images. Images that are 20 percent or more text get less traction that images with less text.

Tagging is not new to Facebook, but what is new that using them seems to help your content to be seen. You can tag people, companies and groups on Facebook by using the “@name” syntax or by tagging them in a photo.

Hashtags also seem to help your content to be seen. Search results for the same term with and without a hashtag return different results.Consider using 1-3 hashtags per post.

To find good hashtags, type terms into the search field on Facebook. This will show the search volume for the specific word you typed as well as related hashtags.

Another noteworthy aspect is the way that Facebook analyzes and treats images with text. An Ad Image with more than 20% text gets increasingly less visibility as the percent of text increases.

Twitter Changes

The big news on Twitter is that the way that characters are counted in tweets has changed. You can no do a lot more within the platform’s character limit.

  • Media content like photos, videos, and images no longer count as characters
  • Polls and Quote Tweets no longer count toward the 140-character limit

An interesting new feature is the ability to retweet yourself. As with any other retweet, these can only be done once. Retweeting your content raises your overall engagement rates and helps your posts have more visibility.