Find Out How You Rank on Google

header apple userWondering what your Google rank is for one or more keywords? Use Rank Scanner.

Rank scanner is a rank tracker that scans Google. It will let you know what position your website has for a specific keyword on both desktop and mobile browsers. You can track up to 30 keywords for free. 

Enter your domain and the keyword you want to track . You can monitor how your website performs over time for those keywords

RankScanner was built to help marketers to track SEO performance. Results are shown as numbers and graphs that are intended to be easy for non-technical folks to understand.

RankScanner Buzz lets you add search phrases and then monitors the web (including social media) and lets you know whenever that particular keyword or phrase gets mentioned anywhere on the internet. The phrases are checked daily. You can set up alerts to receive an email when your brand or keyword gets mentioned.



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