3 Ways to Better Content

header_booksThe best way to get attention online is to offer great content. Whether you are already regularly creating and sharing content or are just gearing up, here are three tips that will help you get the most from your efforts.

Speak to your audience.

Every piece of content must be created with a specific target audience in mind. Know who your reader is and what he or she is interested in. Use the language – including keywords – that your audience uses. The more specific you can be, the greater the chance that your content will be noticed.

Make sure you give readers actionable advice. That is the best way to demonstrate authority and expertise and create value for your target audience.

Spent time on the first words.

You have five seconds to get attention. That means that the subject line, headline, or the first few words are crucial. You will win or lose attention based on those first words. They need to hook the reader.

You may think the secret is being clever. No, the secret lies in the basics: clearly identify your target audience and make it clear what benefit your content offers. I have seen arguments that you need to do that in as few as six words.

Make the next step clear.

Every piece of content should include a call to action (CTA). An easy way to do this is by adding an appealing CTA at the bottom of each blog post or piece of content you publish. Here are some ideas:

  • Send the reader to another piece of content
  • Offer something (whitepaper, webinar, consultation)
  • Invite comments

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