Connecting With Your Customer on Facebook

header man smartphoneNo matter what your business is or what size it is, you need to be connecting with your customer and target customer on Facebook. Facebook has more than 1.79 billion users, with close to 1.2 billion of them logging at least once a day. It’s impossible to ignore Facebook’s presence and influence.

What do you need to be doing on Facebook?

  • Your business needs a page. Even if you are a one person operation, you need to separate your personal profile from your business page.
  • Post regularly. Post regularly to your business page. Your customer will not be attracted to a page with no content. Give them a reason to come, and come back.
  • Appreciate comments. If someone comments on a post, thank them. If they mention you in a post, like and/or comment.
  • Follow others. Follow the pages of your clients, of businesses that support you, and others that are part of the professional community that you are part of.  Your customer will want to see you have connections that support your expertise.

Being on Facebook is not optional for anyone doing business today. The specifics of what you do and how often you do it depend on your target customer. Take the time to understand their needs and expectations. Develop a plan that makes you an important resource.