4 Ideas to Get Out of a Social Media Rut



Are you in a social media rut? Consider these simple ideas to add some new interest to your brand online.

Respond to Mentions Creatively

You should be responding to mentions. Take time to create an image or video you can share to show your appreciation. Perhaps create a custom image to thank people who mention you. Or, develop and offer an additional resource for people who mention you.

Don’t ignore negative mentions. Respond with grace. Clarify as needed. Develop or find a humorous image that helps make an apology.

Connect to a Trend

Participating in trending topics, can help you get your brand in front of a larger audience and boost your brand awareness.

To find trends, try Google Trends. Twitter gives you suggested hashtags. Facebook provides topics. Only participate in trends when they’re relevant and appropriate for your brand.

Be Real Time Once a Week

It’s great to be able to plan, schedule, and forget routine postings. But engaging in real-time can be rewarding as well. Set aside 30 or 60 minutes once a week to engage on a social platform in real time. You’ll build stronger relationships because of your live conversations.

One way to to do this is to participate in Twitter chats or Facebook Live sessions. Another way to interact with other users is to track specific keywords and respond to relevant mentions. Be sure to ask open-ended questions to encourage a real-time conversation.

Share Great Content from Others

It’s easy to focus on your own content, but take time to find some great information that has been shared by others. Add your own 1-2 sentence take, and share the link on social. Your audience will appreciate the access to relevant information.