Facebook Ads 101


Facebook has the largest number of active users by far among all social media channels. That means that your target audience is undoubtedly on Facebook, and that means you need to be there, too.

The challenge for marketers and communicators is that getting attention with organic (free) means is getting harder and harder. There has been a steep decline in the reach of  organic posts as Facebook works to monetize the platform. Bottom line is that when you post something very few people will see it unless you pay to get greater reach.

There are two major advertising avenues to consider: boosted posts and ads.

Boosted Posts on Facebook

FacebookBoost.PNGFacebook makes it easy to boost a post, placing a “Boost Post” button at the bottom of every business page post. The platform will encourage you to boost posts that are getting especially high engagement among your followers, but you can elect to boost any post you make to your timeline.

You get several options that help you to target and optimize the post. You can set a duration for the boost and designate a budget for the campaign.

When you boost a post you get enhanced metrics about who was reached, the number of click-throughs and more.

Facebook Ads

Facebook also allows you to create ads. You create the ad step-by-step by working through a wizard.

Critical to the success of any ad is your ability to target the ad to reach the right people. Facebook has detailed demographics, location, and interest information on all users. You need to know the right options to select so that your ad reaches the right people.

The ad formula is pretty basic. The good news is that you don’t need to pay a designer to create an ad, the bad news is that you may be more limited than you like on what you can include in an ad. These are the elements:

  • Ad copy
  • Image (Facebook prefers no text on the image, but you can have up to 25 percent text)
  • Headline and description of the page the ad links to
  • Action button for users to click

All of these components are important. Spend time making sure each part of the ad is right for your needs.

There are lots of iterations of Facebook ads. I encourage you to play around with the many options until you get an ad that targets your purpose.

Again, you can set the duration and budget for the ad.