Creative Snapchat Marketing

Guest Post by Kara Whittaker, Ghergich & Co.

Snapchat isn’t just a site for entertainment—for teens sharing silly memes or photos, or for adults sharing goofy picture edits. Snapchat has a viable place in a dynamic marketing plan—but only if you understand what it does, how it works, and what tools you can capitalize on. But if you have any doubt about its power, know this: Snapchat has over 9,000 uploads each and every second of the day. That’s some kind of reach.

Many social media platforms make it easy for customers to look at something and to then attain it—a product or service. Snapchat does that well too, and you can work to make attaining those goods desirable by giving your brand a personal voice that is engaging and unique.

You can also use Snapchat to help customers learn something new or informative about your brand—maybe a service effort you’re working on, for example.

Want to learn more about Snapchat? Check out this graphic.

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Creative Snapchat Marketing: Learn How to Recreate Others' Success Infographic