Making Hashtags Work for You

Communicating effectively in the social media landscape means understanding and using hashtags. Using tags is a great way to link your content to related conversations, helping more people from your target audience to find you.

The right hashtag can help drive brand recognition and boost the reach of any post. They are a must for tweets and can also help your posts on other social channels.

Hashtag Basics

First, do your research. Search relevant keywords and see if they are used as hashtags on each platform that you plan to use. Take note of whether the content is relevant to you. Make a list of tags that make sense.  Also make note of tags that would group you with content you don’t want to align with.

Pay attention to the use of hashtags by others who post related content to get a sense of the conventions. Typically, you want to use one or two hashtags in a post.

​Best Practices

Develop your brand under a single hashtag. Choose a hashtag to speak for your brand and strengthen customer awareness.

Choose a hashtag that is both easy to remember and crystal clear. Even though acronyms or multi-word phrases might be more specific, complicated hashtags often don’t gain the traction needed to be effective.