How to Be Smarter than a Fifth Grader with Keywords


If you are struggling to understand how to use keywords in your digital marketing, let me take you back to elementary school. Remember those vocabulary and spelling lists? Well, keywords are a lot like them.

From Vocab Lists to Keywords

Often, the assignment would be to write one sentence using each word. If you wanted to wow the teacher, you could write a story that used all the words in a coherent way.

Apply this same idea with your keywords and you are well on your way to great content marketing. Writing content with one keyword is great. Content with more than one keyword is even better. And, just like in school, it must be well written and make sense to the teacher, er, audience.

Whether you are writing content for your website, blog, Facebook, or other marketing purpose, you must use your keywords. If you find that none of them fit into what you are writing, then the content is not on target to help with your marketing. Although it may be well written, it is not going to help with your marketing. Back to the school example, that gets you a D grade.

All the content you write should use one or more of your keywords. That will help your audience to connect you with those keywords. It will also help search engines to rank you well for those words.

Find Keywords Everywhere

You likely also had an assignment at one point to find spelling words out there in the real world. Back when I was in school, that meant clipping things from the newspaper and magazines. Each clipping earned me a point. Well, finding keywords can get you marketing points!

An important part of content marketing is to connect yourself with relevant content published by others. Look for your keywords in content posted by reputable organizations. Link to it. Comment on it. Connect yourself with that content.

The more you are part of the web of content around one or more keywords, the more authority you will have for those words and phrases. That will help you earn an A+ in marketing!