The Business of Writing


Guest Post by Chelsea D. Snyder, Mojo Writing

Expertise. Credibility. Branding. Those are three really great reasons to write a book. There’s also one other really great reason to write a book: because you have a story to share.

Writers are naturally curious about the world, about people and the relationships we form with each other. We want to know all about you, your business or product, and how it all wiggles and wraps around the world we know. By sharing my own freelancer-to-fabulous story, I encourage you to share yours; whatever it is, and wherever you are on your own journey.

Your story could be fiction, or it could be a series of poems or haiku. Some stories are memoirs or autobiographies, some stories are simple “how to” guides. Once in a while, a story just appears out of nowhere, as was the case of The Business of Writing. As a writer, a web content manager, and SEO specialist, I’ve been helping people create amazing written content for websites and books for decades. In a perfect storm of time, personal and professional development, luck and encouragement (thank you, Jill!), The Business of Writing was born. What does that mean for me, my business and my own credibility, branding, and expertise? A lot.

The Business of Writing is all about writing and how to be a writer, entrepreneur and a business owner. It is also a guide for any other type of freelancer who wants to venture into owning and running a business. Beyond that, I wanted to write a book for others who were faced with situations that required a really flexible work-life balance. Owning and running a business is a 24/7 job, and there are tough hours involved as well as the time it takes to be a writer. Pulling all of that together into a functional world that benefitted my family was a challenging and exceptionally rewarding road. The Business of Writing gives an idea of whether that’s a road you can or should take (spoiler alert: yes, you should!)

I’d love a chance to hear your thoughts on your own business, how you got to the point you’re at, what your struggles and triumphs have been! Where does your expertise lay? How do you build your own credibility and brand in a sea of other businesses and entrepreneurs? Where has writing helped your business, or challenged you on a professional or personal level? What is your business, entrepreneurship or another story you’re burning to share with the world?