3 Free Tools to Create Visuals

ipadtools headerStrong visuals help your social media posts to get attention. Social media users are much more likely to notice posts with an interesting image than text-only content.

Getting the right visuals doesn’t have to be a budget-breaker. Here are three free tools that can help you create visuals that will attract attention to your social media posts.


With Canva you can easily create quote photos, infographics, social media header artwork and photo collages. Canva offers libraries of images, colors and fonts. Among the great tools, you can size your artwork based on which social media platform you need it for. This one is quickly becoming the go-tool resource for many social media marketers.


Gimp is my favorite program for cropping and resizing images. There is a color picker tool that lets you click anywhere on an image to determine the HTML color code. This one has a lot of features like PhotoShop. I am sure I only use a fraction. You install Gimp to your computer.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark lets you add text to images to create quote photos, title images and promotional images. Adobe Spark will size images based on which social media platform they are for. You can search for free stock photos to use or you can upload your own images.