Measure Your Impact on Twitter

Analyzing the results of your effort on Twitter is as important as starting with a strategy to define who you are working to reach and how you will try to do that. Taking time to periodically assess your efforts lets you decide what’s working and tweak what’s not.

There are many free tools that help you evaluate and measure your efforts on Twitter. I typically use a combination of these tools, depending on the specific strategy in use.

Twitter Analytics

The Twitter Analytics dashboard lets you look at your most engaging tweets as well as top mentions. It also tracks and analyzes followers.


TweepsMap’s Free plan lets you visualize where your audience is located. This is a good cross check if you are targeting people in particular regions. This can help you share news and articles that are relevant and timely to your followers.


Agorapulse offers both paid and free tools for social media marketing. The Twitter Analytics Report Card is free and lets you compare several accounts so you can see how you perform against your competition or comparable organizations that you are bench marking against.


The Twitonomy Twitter analytics platform offers to most features under the paid plan, but you can get plenty of insights for free. It helps you track growth, engagement, clicks, mentions, and more. You can track custom keywords, profiles, and even lists.