New at Facebook: GIF Maker

headerbecreativeFacebook is now offering a GIF maker, which turns your videos into looping media files. Yes, we are now even closer to living in Harry Potter world!

Facebook understand that original content from users is the most engaging. This tool makes it easy for everyone to post content that gains attention. And, it helps Facebook to compete with image-centric platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

The GIF tool is built directly into the camera options on Facebook. You’ll also find masks, frames and interactive filters, added earlier this year.


GIFs created through this feature last a few seconds. You can use the full range of effects and frames from the Facebook camera. You can add the GIF to your Facebook story, post it to your profile, or save it to your device.

The feature is being rolled out to users, so you may not have the option yet. When it is available to you, it will be a listed option when you enter camera mode within the Facebook app.