APR – Three Letters Packed with Significance

ItTakesAPRoTwitter1024x512Blue.jpgBack in 2006, I chose to affirm my expertise in public relations by studying for and earning the APR – Accredited in Public Relations – credential. I have maintained by accredited status since then to assure my clients and myself that I am offering the highest levels of expertise.

Unlike CPA and other professional credentials, APR is not well known. Here are the highlights of what it means:

  • The APR is a mark of distinction of a PR pro’s solid ethics, judgment, strategy and knowledge.
  • The APR process provides excellent training in comprehensive and strategic public relations.
  • APRs commit themselves to continuous improvement for the professional and the profession.

For my clients, the APR means that I offer you validated expertise in public relations and communication. I need to take continuing education to maintain the credential, so it also tells you that I am staying up with the latest in the field. It is your assurance that working with me brings you significant value.

For me, the APR keeps me current in my field. I enjoy learning through the workshops I take, as well as through working with other professionals who want to attain the APR. Through this process, we challenge one another to attain a level of excellence. We also act as a collegial body to sustain and advance the profession.

In 2015, the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) launched the It Takes A PRo campaign to raise awareness of the APR and support professionals.  Take a look to learn more. If you are a PR practitioner, I also encourage you to consider earning the APR as one of your goals in 2017.

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