People Are Connecting with You Most on Mobile

Today I am sharing some key findings of the Adestra 2017 Consumer Digital Usage and Behavior Study. The study lays out major trends in consumer usage and behavior of different technologies and devices in digital (web and email), mobile, and social media.

The insights and statistics gives you insights for the general population. To get the most of this insight, compare them against what you know about your specific customer base. Hopefully, the result will be an enhanced understanding of your target audience and how to best connect with them online.

Mobile Is for Everything

Smartphones are in nearly everyone’s hands. In addition, more than half the people in the survey said they have tablets and use them regularly. People are very active on their phones and use them for every capability they have.

Customers read emails at random all day long (83%). More specifically, when they have nothing else more interesting to do: when they’re bored (50%), in bed (35%), in a meeting (21%), even in the bathroom (22%).

The Text Message Opportunity

Text messages are an untapped opportunity for marketers, but this needs to be approached with an abundance of caution. People don’t want to hear from you via text unless they specifically consent. Permission-based push notifications are popular for travel and hospitality.

Adestra advises that communicators and marketers be very careful with frequency and cadence. Have a specific, valuable purpose for each message. Does it fulfill an expressed need or request? Every text needs to be high value to avoid backlash from users.

When People Are Connecting

Adestra’s 2016 Consumer Usage and Adoption Study found that consumers check their smartphones
first thing in the morning before they do anything else. This year, the data showed that 41% start their days this way.

  • A third of consumers check their text messages first
  • 24% check personal email
  • 15% check social media
  • 11% look for phone messages

People are hungry to reconnect to the world as soon as they wake up. This is an important trend to keep in mind as you plan your messages.

Download the entire study from Adestra.