Interview at the StartUp to Growth Blog

I was recently interviewed by Robin Suomi, another business person here in Loudoun. She shared my thoughts at her blog.

Just over a year into officially being in business as Kurtz Digital Strategy, it was a great time to reflect on the journey and share insights while they are fresh.

3 Tips for Starting Your Business

Tip 1: You can’t be a little bit in business. (Just like you can’t be a little bit pregnant!) You must be all in, dedicated to your business, or you are just wasting time. You can’t be “having a business” and looking for full time employment or working another full-time job.

Tip 2: Build a community. Some people call them trusted advisors, others call them the board of advisors. Whatever you call them, have a group of people who are go to resources for you as a business owner. Make connections with people who overlap your skills as well as people who have skills that you lack. You want a robust team that you can tap to navigate whatever challenges come your way.

Tip 3: Don’t underestimate yourself and don’t overestimate what’s needed to be successful. I was talking to someone just the other day who had a business idea but was afraid of the unknowns. Finally, one day someone in the industry told him, “Just do it. It’s not magical.” We are all in a continuous process of figuring things out. To make progress you have to start. Just do it!

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