Facebook Offers More Audience Options for Ads

Facebook has updated custom audience options for ads. To access the new options, open your Business Manager dashboard, select Audiences, and then the Create Audience tab. The new Engagement options are available under the  Custom Audience option.

Previously, there were only four options in the Engagement tab. Now there are options for video, lead form, canvas, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Video Audience

Facebook offers six video audience targeting options based on the time audiences have spent with your video content. You can even target by specific video(s) watched. Select the options that are the best fit for your ad. You can add multiple conditions to the same audience.

Lead Form Audience

When people click on lead form ads, they get a form to fill out, which collects the information that you specify. You can then create a custom audience for those who’ve engaged with your lead form. Select the options relevant to your objectives.

Canvas Audience

Canvas ads are full-screen mobile-only. Now you can create a custom audience of people who’ve specifically engaged with your Canvas ads.

Facebook Page Audience

You can now build an audience of people who’ve engaged with your company’s Facebook Page, including people who’ve engaged with posts, clicked on a call-to-action, sent a message to your company profile, and other actions.

Instagram Audience

You can build an audience based on those who’ve interacted with your Instagram account. To use this option, you must connect your Instagram business account with your Facebook Page.

Event Audience

With this option, you create a custom audience based on actions people have performed on your event page, such as clicking on “interested” or “going.”

When you create your audience, it’ll take a moment for Business Manager to process the details, and it’ll notify you when your audience is ready.

Facebook Engagement Audience Tips

  • Custom audiences may not be available right away. If there’s a green dot in the status column, it means your audience has been created successfully and is ready to use, a red dot means you have to wait.
  • Name each audience you create with a label that will help you recall the options used to create it.
  • Don’t use multiple audiences in the same campaign. If you do, you won’t be able to determine how each engagement audience performs.


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