6 Ways to Win with Content Distribution

You have content, and it is probably pretty great, but how’s your distribution? Probably not so great.

Even if you already have an audience and a channel or two that give you some traffic to your content, there is always another distribution channel you could use. And, you should. Far too businesses that engage in content marketing focus on one channel alone. But no single distribution channel should be your complete distribution strategy.

Most channels influence each other. If you succeed in several distribution channels, the results with amplify on those channels. For instance, your social media audience will grow if people can find you via search.

Here is a list of channels to try. Before you begin, research and understand the rules and conventions of each channel.  Begin by commenting without direct shares of your content. Have a plan for sharing content that will be highly relevant to other users.

Keep in mind that your presence needs to be built over time. Actively participate for six months or more before you try to determine if a channel is effective.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Spend time to find groups that have active discussions and quality content. It may be easier to post in groups that have few rules, but likely few people are engaged with them. Well-moderated groups often do not allow the sharing of content for the sole purpose of sharing content, however the members tend to be more actively engaged.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

You have to build a trusting and attentive audience to have impact with your content on social media. That means that you need to post a variety of information that will attract your target audience. Your content can and should be part of the mix, but not comprise all your activity.

Blog Comments

If you try to get a link to your content into as many comments on various blogs as you can, your results will be meager. For success with blog commenting, find the right content and write a thoughtful and helpful comment. Adding a link to your answer can give you exposure for your content.


A great way to distribute content can be forums whose discussions are based on shared links to content. Search for forums that are relevant to your content and target audience. Actively engage in the discussions.  Every engagement should have helpful information. Link to your content when highly relevant.


The question-and-answer site Quora is a distribution channel. Find questions from your niche as closely related to your content as possible. Give thorough answers with a ton of value and link to your content for more information. Boom, you have another content distribution channel!


Newsletter List

Invite people to sign up for your newsletter. Tell people what they will get and make it easy to join the list. This takes time, but subscribers can become one of your best content distribution channels and most engaged connections.