All About Email Marketing

Guest Post by Megan Arevalo, Community Manager, Poet and Artist

With the emergence of the internet, the ways to market a business or a product has been steadily growing. Gone are the days where print advertising was the only option, now companies use marketing in a completely different way thanks to the digital age.

Some of the most common forms of digital marketing include social media, SEO, pay per click, banner, mobile marketing, blogs, email marketing and many more. provides an informative infographic with 119 facts on things that you didn’t know about Email marketing, the perfect place to start if you want to get your head around how to use email to benefit your company.

Simply put, email marketing is the process of sending commercial marketing messages to a group of people using the medium of email. There are many benefits of using this strategy such as helping to build brand awareness and loyalty, increasing conversions and keeping customers up to date with the latest news and offers. Website Builder can give you some tips on how to use email marketing to your advantage.

As a business, you can send email marketing for a variety of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is for repeat business. If a customer has already made a purchase with you, it is likely that you will have obtained their email address. From there you are able to send them email updates when new products come in stock, tips, and tricks to do with the business, offers, competitions and more.

It is likely that this sort of email will contain a link to a specific page on the company website, encouraging people to make another purchase. In this way, you are keeping the customer in the loop and building a relationship with them. This method is proven to be successful as 44% of people who receive targeted emails have acknowledged that they have bought at least one item from a company due to a promotional message.

Another great thing about email marketing is that it can be just as effective, if not more effective when viewed on a mobile device. Many people get notified on their mobile device when they receive an email, therefore a response can be instant. People will be able to view the marketing when they are out and about and even make an impulse purchase. The fact that 91% of internet users check their email at least once a day on their smartphones shows that companies are missing out if they don’t make use of this marketing strategy.

Research suggests that emails convert three times better than social media, with 89% of marketers claiming that emails are their primary channel for lead generation. Companies will also use email marketing to gain new customers and can be a cheap and quick way to reach a large group of people. One of the reasons that this method is so effective is the fact that the emails can be targeted to a companies target market, getting the message out to the people that really matter.

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