Win Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important place to market your business. There are more than 500 million users. The majority of members who purchase for their companies report that they use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.

On LinkedIn, you can develop a strong brand, connect and engage with your network, and reach potential customers.

Here are 5 ways to win business on LinkedIn:

  • Complete your profile. Complete all relevant LinkedIn profile options. This includes a great profile picture, headline, and summary. Add presentations.
  • Review your profile regularly. Set yourself a reminder to review your profile once a quarter.  Update any content that is no longer on-point with your brand. Add new projects and presentations. Poke around to see if there are new options offered that can enhance your profile.
  • Comment. Like and comment on posts by others.  Take time to add something to their content so they know you are engaged with what they have to say.
  • Write articles on LinkedIn. This is a great way to illustrate your expertise. Your content will reach your connections plus people searching on a particular topic.
  • Share content. Post links to articles related to your brand and your industry. Be sure to add a thoughtful intro to these posts so the reader knows why you have shared the article. “This is a great example of…”, “I don’t agree with this writer that…”, “This  is an important article to show…”

All of these activities together make you an active LinkedIn users that others will notice and seek to connect with. Networking and connecting is how you win business!