5 Topics that Will Draw Readers to Your Business Blog

Writing a business blog is a relentless task. Sometimes the pool of inspiration is low. Here are five ideas to help you write posts that attract readers. As you think about how you can apply these ideas to your blog, always keep in mind the goal that you have set for your blog.

  1. Tap into the news of the day. What is in the news today related to your industry or topic. Use a Google search to see the latest headlines. Write about your take.
  2. Get inspired by questions. What was the last question you were asked by a client, prospect or peer? Chances are more people have the same question. Answer it in a post.
  3. Revisit the basics. Cover your products and services.  Don’t assume your readers know or remember.
  4. Invite a guest blogger. Ask someone who is influential in your industry to share their take on a current topic.
  5. Share a client success story. Tell a story about how you have served a client and the benefits to both organizations.

Go! Write!