Get Online Content Ideas from Offline Sources

header lightbulbI write content for online venues, but some of my best sources of ideas are offline. Here are some that are consistently helpful.


Talking with people in your target audience is a great source of inspiration! Listen to what they ask. What’s on their mind?

I always keep a note pad handy when I am talking with someone on the phone. I jot down any ideas that come from the conversation.

Brick and Mortar Experiences

Any time I walk into a store or business, I pay attention to anything related to communication and marketing. What is easy and what are the barriers to my intent by entering the location? What is the customer experience like?

Since most of the strongest communication and marketing skills work online and offline, what’s working in the store often translates well into some great online advice.


Once a quarter I dive into a well-rated book that’s related to communication, marketing, PR, social media, etc. There are so many great books!

I like to read the whole book and then ruminate on it for a while. The things that keep coming to mind and that I return to re-read are great potential blog posts.

Networking Events

Business networking events are more than a source of business. They are where you learn what people most want from people in your field. I listen to questions. I try different elevator pitches. These opportunities are great sources of ideas for posts.

The Team

I am a solopreneur, but I still have a team. There are clients. There are other contractors who I work with on projects. All know me well enough to be able to give me ideas for what I should discuss online. More than once I have heard, “Jill, you should blog about that!”