Insight into Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook page for your business, you want to pay attention to Facebook Insights. There you will find metrics that offer insight into your efforts with the page.

Metrics cover:

  • Overall Page
  • Promotions
  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Reach
  • Views
  • Actions


Facebook tracks the likes and the unlikes on your page. Tracking both is important to understanding your following – what’s attracting and what’s detracting from your page.


The engagement that takes place on your page is a gauge of how active a community you’ve managed to build. Pay attention to likes, comments, and shares.  Take note of any trends. What content does well? Doesn’t resonate?


Actions tells you what people do when they are on your page. This helps you know where to spend time and what needs less tending. You can also determine if your intended call to action is working.


As Facebook shifts more emphasis towards paid ads and boosted posts, you can’t expect much organic reach. It is still a useful measure to track. A post’s reach isn’t necessarily an indication of your page’s success unless you’re aiming only for brand awareness, but it’s still useful to analyse whether your posts had high or low reach compared to your average.

Top Sources

Sources lets you know where your page traffic comes from. This can help you to discover potential partners or competitors to monitor. 


Pay attention to the insights about your fans. Facebook collects a lot of insight. You may be able to refine your sense of your target audience. You may learn that you are reaching an  unintended audience.

When your fans are online

I am always asked when content should be posted. For Facebook, this is where you find out! A closer look at the times that your audience is more active can help you adjust your publishing schedule and improve the effectiveness of your page.