Need a Little Inspiration?

head2hikersGenerating a consistent stream of interesting and insightful content online can be a grind. Here are some great places to go for a little inspiration.

Be a Blog Reader

You should be subscribed to a variety of blogs related to your field and your target audience. Look to them for ideas that you can use for your next post. Sometimes you will find the same topic covered in different ways, giving you some good depth to draw from.

Be sure to look at the comments as well as the posts. There are often great gems in the comments that let you know what’s top of mind for your target audience.

Follow Aggregators

News aggregators pull blog feeds and newsletters together to provide a rich source of ideas around a specific topic. Just reading through the headlines can give you inspiration. Reading the posts can help with research around a specific topic.

Go Sumo

Content that has gotten substantial social media shares and links can help you discover effective content marketing ideas. Buzzsumo lets you search by topic, URL or author and find the most engaging content. You’ll get an instant report on posts and pages that performed best.

Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are another resource for mining content marketing ideas. Give some a listen. Sometimes just looking at titles and descriptions is enough to spark some new ideas.



Learn from Questions and Answers on Quora

The Q&A website Quora is a forum for just about everything. The questions and answers there will give you ideas.

Put that Email to Work

We mostly talk about the overload of email, but looking at all those messages as a place to mine for ideas makes the deluge seem a little more palatable. Subscribe to interesting newsletters. Read the subject and from lines and click-through at least a few items every day.