Top 4 Viral Content Posted on Social Media by Athletes

Guest Post by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at  Webmastersjury
The Increasing impact of social media on sports is clearly demonstrated by the huge numbers driven by the top teams and stars. Currently, 61% of sports viewers follow their favourite sports in some form online, with many following their teams and those athletes on social media. With just one picture or video posted by these accounts, there are instant likes, shares and comments, which in turn spreads the content all over the world.
Do you want to know which posts by superstar athletes have reached the most engagement so far? Here are the top 4 that went viral instantly. Enjoy!
The first place goes to Messi’s clip of his son walking towards him. The clip reached 12 million likes in a matter of a few days. What a reach! Do you know why this particular clip went viral? Well, because it was an emotional one. What else can be more touching than the bond between a father and his child?
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The photo of Ronaldo kissing the trophy after Portugal’s win collected 3.6 million likes. The fans of the football star went crazy about the post, which represented an important achievement for the club. In new media, this is how fans join in with the celebration.
Third place goes to Rodriguez’s photo with 2016 UEFA Champions League trophy in the locker room. The content went viral with 970,000 likes, a lot of shares and congratulatory comments.
Xabi Alonso
Xabi Alonso’s tweet of 2015 about Liverpool legend Stephen Gerrard’s retirement went viral with 122,000 likes. The caption was as follows “My hero. My mate.” Imagine both athletes’ fans’ feelings when reading such a caption with an emotional picture of the two. How could they not react to it?