10 Digital Marketing Wins on LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to grow as the professional social media network. While it has never been the sexiest social network, it is a channel that no professional can afford to ignore.

Here are 10 ways to win with LinkedIn:

  1. Be the expert. Understand where your expertise lies in a very specific way and be the subject matter expert  in that area. Make sure your profile and business page demonstrate your expertise. Post articles and status updates that are focused in your area. Participate in relevant conversations. The more focused you are, the more you claim your territory as an expert.
  2. Stay updated. Keep you profile updated. When people get anniversary reminders for jobs they know you left years ago, they wonder if anything you do on the platform is worth paying attention to. Keep your profile and business page accurate.
  3. Connect with a relevant community. You are, in part, defined by your connections. Connect with related experts, industries and businesses. The company you keep on LinkedIn should serve to elevate your standing as an expert in your field.
  4. Personalize every interaction. Don’t accept LinkedIn’s default language for any interactions. Be authentically you on the platform. Send personalized invitations to connect and responses to messages.
  5. Be newsworthy. Take the initiative to share the latest news and developments in your area of expertise. it is not enough to validate what others say. Position yourself as someone who is in touch with the latest and share your insights with your community.
  6. Don’t lurk. Engage with your connections. Be visible by posting articles, liking, commenting and sharing.
  7. Monitor the data. Use the built-in analytics to learn about what content gets attention and to learn what your audience wants from you. Use the insight to refine your interactions on LinkedIn.
  8. Bring your brand to life. You and your brand are one online, whether you own your business or you are one of many employees. Be consistent in what you say and do to create a consistent brand experience for your community.
  9. Involve everyone. All employees, contractors and partners should connect with your brand on LinkedIn. This adds credibility and transparency, two important wins for your online presence.
  10. Focus your dollars on your goals. LinkedIn is trying to monetize the platform. That can be good when the opportunities are helpful to your business. Don’t assume that all paid opportunities will help you. Evaluate each careful and leverage only the paid opportunities that will help you read your goal.


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