Facebook Insights Worth a Look

Facebook continues to add metrics to Insights for page managers. If you haven’t taken a look at your data recently, it’s time to dive in again. You’ll get valuable information about your community.

When Your Fans Are Online

Insights answer the common question of when to post with the When Your Fans Are Online chart.  Tap into the best days and times to post your content.

Net Likes

Net likes shows the number of new likes and unlikes. Consider any pattern of unlikes to determine if your followers are telling you about something they don’t like. This could be related to messaging, frequency, timing, etc.

Your Fans

Proof your strategy here. How closely do your fan demographics match your target audience? Is your content attracting the desired followers or is your understanding of your target off? Lots to think about here.

Post Reach

No matter what your page, you will see this on a general decline thanks to Facebook’s continued throttling down of organic reach for pages. Here you can see the overall trend for both organic and paid reach.

The combined analysis of organic and paid reach highlights the potential of your posts to reach a wider audience.

Post Engagement

Look at your likes, comments and shares to understand both positive and negative patterns. Post Engagement Insights help you understand how your audience interacts with your posts. 

Actions on Page

Take a look at the actions people take on your page. Is your call to action (CTA) effective or ais there greater interest in other options?  This is a great place to learn about the interests of  your community so you can tap into them.

There’s even more to insights. Make it a habit to take a look at Insights at least once a month and you will get information that will help you refine your digital strategy on the platform.

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