Content that Gets Read

Creating content is a grind. Creating content that no one reads is a bummer on top of the grind. Follow these tips to develop content that gets read.

First, set realistic expectations.

Don’t worry about “going viral,” focus on reaching your target audience. You don’t need to reach everyone, you need to reach only the people who need to know about what you offer.

Further, don’t expect everyone to engage with everything. People have lives and limited amounts of attention to give to you. Embrace what they can offer – periodic engagement.

Produce content that matters.

Quality trumps volume. Every time. Create content to serve your audience. Period. Fewer items of higher quality will serve you best.

Tell personal stories.

Storytelling works and personal stories are content that only you can share.  Personal stories give your audience content they can’t get anywhere else.

Bring in other voices.

Select leaders in your industry and community and invite their participation. This can range from submitting posts and/or images, to just lending a quote or thought. Adding more voices expands the range of your content and taps into related audiences.

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