Your Profile Image Can Make (or Break) Referrals

Have you considered the importance of your Facebook profile photo to the process of getting referrals? As someone who regularly refers the people and businesses I am connected with on Facebook, I have a message for you: make sure your page name and profile photo makes you easy to find!

When someone is on a smartphone and wants to connect a comment with a referral to you on Facebook, they don’t get much to look at. They start to type and get a few letters and a teeny-tiny image to try to decipher the right profile to connect.

Here’s a screen capture of my latest attempt.

The images are larger here than on my iPhone and  they are still tiny!

When people are on Facebook and see someone in search of a business exactly like yours or needing the exact service you provide, you want to make it easy for them to connect you to that opportunity. This is generally done by commenting on the post with a link to the Facebook page of the person or company.

Here’s my advice to make it easy for people to help you network and be connected to great opportunities on Facebook:

  1. Have a Facebook page for your company! Unless, of course, you are not interested in any business.
  2. Make sure your Facebook business page is named EXACTLY the same as your business name. That is what your well-meaning referrers will type. Don’t make the job harder by using a page name that does not match the name they know.
  3. Always use a profile image that helps someone know it is you. I know there are many causes to support and many cute pictures of your cat to use. Don’t. Do. It. Make sure that tiny little image screams “this is me!” all the time.


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