7 SEO Issues to Review with Your Tech Support

Using the right words and paying attention to online content are the highly visible elements of search engine optimization (SEO). However, there are factors that relate to more technical details of your online presence.

Whether you decide to research and fix these items yourself or just ask your tech support about them, here is a list of SEO factors you want to address:

  1. Domain: Is your domain configured correctly? Are alternate domains all pointing to the same primary domain, avoiding any chains or loops?
  2. Page Speed: Your site should be developed in a manner that makes content fast to load.
  3. Mobile Access: A site that does not work well on mobile devices will not rank well in search. Period.
  4. Links: Make sure that you have an ongoing process to check for and correct broken links.
  5. Site Map: Have a site map that can be crawled by search bots. Accuracy counts!
  6. Content: To rank for a topic, a site must have at least 300 words on a single page that covers the topic. The words need to reflect the words and phrases used by searchers. There needs to be heads and subheads that make the content clear.
  7. Meta Tags: The title and meta description tags should be in place on every page.
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