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Online, All the Time

Does it seem like just about everyone is online all the time? Apparently, they are.

Overall, 77% of Americans go online on a daily basis, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in January 2018.

  • 26% go online almost constantly
  • 43% go online several times a day
  • 8% go online about once a day
  • 11% go online several times a week or less often

As of 2018, just 11% of US adults say they do not use the internet at all.

Adults with mobile connectivity are especially likely to be online a lot. Among the 83% of Americans who use the internet at least occasionally using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device – 89% go online daily and 31% go online almost constantly.

Roughly four-in-ten 18- to 29-year-olds (39%) now go online almost constantly and 49% go online multiple times per day.

Americans ages 30 to 49 are now about as likely as younger adults to use the internet almost constantly (36% versus 39%). The number of constantly online Americans ages 50 to 64 has risen from 12% to 17%.

Other demographic groups that report going online frequently include college-educated adults, black adults, adults who live in higher-income households and non-rural residents.

  • 34% of adults with a college education or more go online almost constantly, 92% go online daily
  • 20% of adults with a high school education or less go online frequently.
  • The share of blacks who are almost constantly online has risen 14 points since 2015, while the share of Hispanics who say this has gone up by 11 points. Among whites, there has been little change.

For more of the latest data, visit the Pew Research Center website.

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