3 Ways to Personalize Your LinkedIn Expereince

LinkedIn changes all the time. It’s easy to notice features that get in our way, but there are options that can help you to improve your experience with the platform.

Personalize Your Feeds

You can personalize your feeds by choosing which content is relevant to you, so you don’t end up spending your time scrolling through items you don’t care to see. Go to ‘Me’ → Settings & Privacy → Feed Preferences

Clicking on this option will take you to a page where you can choose to follow specific people or topics/themes you’re interested in.

You can also unfollow any of the connections or companies you follow. Go to the actual post on your feeds. Click the options icon in the top right of the post to see the drop-down menu. Select Unfollow.

Control Mentions

Do you enjoy being mentioned in other LinkedIn members’ posts? Do you like mentioning other LinkedIn members in your posts? Or not?

If you prefer not to be mentioned in other people’s posts and comments, you can opt out. Go to Me’ → Settings & Privacy → Mentions by Others

If you choose YES, then other members can tag you in posts and comments, whether they’re your connections or not. Choosing NO will prevent other members from mentioning you in future posts and comments, but you won’t be removed from past mentions.

Manage Alerts

Avoid being distracted by irrelevant alerts by adjusting your LinkedIn notification settings. Go to ‘Me’ → Privacy & Settings → Communications → Notifications on LinkedIn

You have the capacity to decide whether you should receive alerts on the following:

  • Invitations and messages
  • Jobs and opportunities
  • News and articles
  • Updates about you and your network
  • Updates from your groups

Not interested in your connections’ birthdays? Turn it off. Want to know if your connections are having work anniversaries? Keep the notifications on.


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