Digital Strategy Snarkfest

I have some things I just have to get off my chest. I am a little too full of digital strategist snark these days, so here goes the download.

Writing well matters.

Creating content for social media is more like a conversation than a formal business presentation. I get it. However, while striking the right tone, you still need to pick the right words and structure sentences well.

Muddy language leads to (at best) muddy understanding. Always strive to be clear and credible.

Take time to write well. Use clear words that your target audience understands. A dictionary – online or printed – is still your best friend as you select and spell the correct words.

Make sentences and paragraphs short and digestible.

To be a keyword or phrase, you have to actually use it.

I do keyword research to carefully select the words and phrases that are 1) most central to what my client does and 2) are actually searched by real people. I start with a list of words and phrases already used online in relation to the business.

Often, I get a long list back from the client of other or different words and phrases. Ok, no problem to take another look.

However, most of the time I find that none of these words and phrases are actually used by the client. Anywhere. That’s a problem.

You don’t need to be a keyword expert to pick words and phrases that are related to your business. But, you do have to actually use them to have an impact. Be intentional with the words and phrases that you use online, selecting them because they are relevant. They can become keywords that matter.

Relevance is in the eye of your target audience.

When selecting your marketing messaging and vehicles, the needs and preferences of your target audience rule the day. Sorry, your preferences just don’t matter.

Unless you are your target audience, making decisions based on what you like and what you don’t is not going to put you on the path to success.

If you customers regularly pick businesses just like yours on Yelp or Angie’s List, you can’t afford to not be there. You just can’t.

Success means putting yourself last in line. You need to hone in on the needs of your customer or client. Focus on what they want and where they look for it. Meet their needs there.

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