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5 Digital Marketing Ideas to Boost Web Traffic

A great website is your digital home base. It is the most important part of your online presence. Your digital marketing strategy must cause people to visit your website.

Here are five ways to drive more traffic to your website.

Post Great Content

Sites that do not offer fresh content aren’t interesting. Period.

You need to post new content at your site at least every two weeks to give people a reason to visit. This will also keep the site fresh in the eyes of Google and other search sites, too.

Many sites handle this by including a blog. Blog posts are an easy way to add content regularly. However, fresh content can be new pages at the site, new landing pages, etc.

This shouldn’t be hard for any active business. You work hard every day to provide great service to customers and to attract new customers. Make sure your website is part of the effort.

Use Google My Business

Every business needs a Google My Business Listing. It is closely tied to Google search and will get you on the first page of results for your primary service.

It’s possible your business already exists on Google or you might need to add it from scratch. Either way, it’s easy.

If you are new to Google My Business, then head to the Google My Business website on desktop, and click the link to Start Now. Sign in to your Google account or create a new account if you don’t already use the service.

Once you’re signed in, click the button at the bottom right of your screen to pull up the business locator. Start typing your business name and Google will check if there’s already a page.

If your business is on the list, click it to continue. If your business is not on the list, continue adding information about your business to create your listing.

Once you added your business information, you’ll have the option to verify. You want to take this step to claim your listing and get control over all future updates.

Connect Social Media

List and link your social media profiles at your website. Also link your profiles on each social media platform to your website. You want your web visitors to know where to find you on social. You want your social followers to visit your website.

I frequently visit websites to learn the social media addresses of businesses and customers so I can properly tag them in my social posts. Make it easy for people to know where to find and properly tag you everywhere you are online.

You also want to add social sharing to your website. This allows visitors to share your web content on their social media with just a click. Make it easy for everyone to share your great content!

Build Links to Your Site

Every link from a credible website to your website helps you in many ways:

  • Helps their web visitors to discover you
  • Boosts your search rank
  • Demonstrates your credibility in your industry

The best way to build links is to ask for them. Ask your customers and partners to link to you. Of course, you also want to link to them at your website.

Another way to build links is to write content for other sites and include one or more relevant links to your website. This is easy when you have great, timely content at your website.

Use Consistent Messaging

It may feel boring to use the same words and phrases everywhere, but that’s exactly what you need to do. To connect the dots for customers that your website is for the same business they saw on Instagram, you need the same messaging both places.

Don’t create doubt or confusion by changing your messaging from place to place. Create your master message and use it everywhere!

Consistent messaging will also give you search engine love. Using the same words and phrases everywhere will help you to rank well for those words and phrases. Search engine bots are not big on synonyms, so flexing your vocabulary will only hurt you. Use the same words.


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