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SEO Self-Audit in 15 Minutes

How well are you doing with SEO? A quick self-audit using free and inexpensive tools can offer a lot of insight.

Assess Page Structure

  • Does the title of each page include a relevant keyword?
  • In addition to the title, is the keyword used in subheads, link text, general text and image labels?

Spot Check Meta Tags

The meta title and description tags are used by search engines. Are yours populated with text that’s optimum length and uses keywords?

Do Some Searches

  • Search for your brand name, products and services. Use the official names as well as common iterations. Does your site content come up on the first results page?
  • Do the same for keywords that you are targeting. How do you rank?

Check Google Tools

Look at Google Search Console to see if there are any issues noted. Google will offer tips for fixing any of these. There are also several tools that you can run to get more insight.

Google Analytics will give you more helpful data. Where is your site traffic coming from? How much traffic are key pages getting? What words are people using to search at your site?

Search and View Your Site on Mobile

Do searches from mobile devices to see how you rank. Also surf your site on a mobile device. Pages that don’t show well on mobile get SEO penalties.


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