Client Success: Dulles South Chantilly Automotive

The Kurtz Digital Strategy project with Dulles South Chantilly Automotive resulted in huge leaps in search engine rankings. Better, more customers are coming in the door!

The project included development of master messaging that defines the business and what they do and speaks to their target client. The website was refined with search engine optimization techniques. An email marketing strategy was developed.

See the client success story for more details.


Make Your Videos Rock the Facebook World

Videos draw attention on Facebook. Your content plan should include creating and sharing videos.

What Facebook videos get attention? The topic chosen, length of the video, the content, and the amount of text will affect your results.

Data collected by BuzzSumo based on 100 million Facebook videos offers insight into what to do to create video that works on Facebook.

Here are insights to help you create videos that will be shared and attract likes and comments. Here’s how to rock video on Facebook:

Hungry Anyone?

The number one video category by far on Facebook is food. Food is a good topic. There are also categories that usually tank. Avoid them.


Short and Sweet

Short Facebook videos are more likely to attract attention from viewers than longer ones. The ideal length is 60 to 90 seconds. After 90 seconds, engagement falls.

Don’t fall below 30 seconds. Videos below 30 seconds performed worse than any other category.

Go Live, Too

About 20% of all Facebook video content is live. Most people interact with live feeds longer than regular videos. Here, about 15-20 minutes is the ideal length.

3 Mistakes with LinkedIn Groups

An effective strategy on LinkedIn must include LinkedIn groups. Business people of all types should participate in groups. There are groups for just about every industry, interest area, alma mater and more.

Making groups work for you takes a strategic approach. Here are common mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Lurking

Data shows that many LinkedIn users watch conversations but do not participate. Groups with thousands of members often see just a handful posting and commenting. The rest don’t do anything visible. They lurk.

Joining a group isn’t enough. You need to participate to really get value. Post content and comments that will get your name seen. Add to the group so members know the value you bring.

Mistake #2: One-Way

Many people use groups as a way to publish content. They share posts and then they leave. They don’t watch for comments and react to them. They don’t comment on others’ posts.

Give and take is required to be effective in groups. Make sure you are seen as actively engaged with your content as well as content posted by others.

Mistake #3 Impatience

Don’t cut and run too quickly. It can take months for your posts to get reactions and for people to respond to your comments. This is partly because most LinkedIn users aren’t on the platform daily and partly because it can take time for groups to warm up to new members.

Just like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups are communities, some of which are tightly knit. It takes time to cultivate the trust that leads to worthwhile connections.

Stick to your strategy of making relevant posts and offering helpful comments. Connect with members outside the group to reinforce your interest in being part of the community.

Participating in LinkedIn groups takes time and effort. But the result can be meaningful connections that can help you reach your business and professional goals.