Celebrating Success: Audrey Kate Design Services

Audrey Kate Design Services has been proving the power of digital by being physically located in one state and serving clients in another. The right digital strategy has kept business humming despite an unexpected move.

Kurtz Digital Strategy helped define the right master message to reflect why this design company is different from the other choices. The website reflects services offered and inspires with many project photos.

With these fundamentals in place, a digital marketing plan keeps up the right level of activity month after month.


SEO Strategies that Matter

Search engine optimization (SEO) requirements change over time. If you are working to achieve SEO today, here are five items to keep in mind:

Have a Focus

Just about every business has multiple offerings. Most can do many things for clients. But you have to put your stake in the sand for SEO. What is THE thing you do best? Focus your SEO around that.

Questions More than Words

Today’s searchers like to ask questions. This is typical when using voice search tools like Siri and Alexa. It is also becoming more common for text searches in Google. Expand your thinking beyond keywords to the questions people commonly ask to find what you offer.

Content Worthy of High Ranking

If you want to rank well, your content has to be worthy. Provide quality information to searchers. Offer helpful information. Connect them with valuable resources. Search engines want to connect people to content that helps them. Be that content.

Structure for the Reader

Excellent content that is hard to read online won’t work. Structure your content so that the title and the subheads alone offer valuable information. In between, offer short sentences and brief paragraphs that offer more detail.

Meta Descriptions Matter

Meta keyword tags died a long time ago from misuse, but the meta description tag is still important for search. This is the brief text that comes up on the search results page. Make sure it says something that will earn you a click through.




Checklist to Great Content

There is a lot of content online. Most fails to grab attention. Some rises above the clutter.

The effort to create great content is worthwhile. Content marketing costs less and has been proven to generate more leads than traditional marketing.

Improve the chances that your content is seen and motivates your target audience by focusing on quality over quantity. As you create content, follow this checklist:

  • Speaks to a specific need of my target audience
  • Tells a good story
  • Makes a compelling case for credibility
  • Connects in an emotional way
  • Concise, thoughtful and adds to what is already out there

One way to make sure you create worthwhile content is to have it reviewed before it is published. The ideal reviewer represents your target audience. He or she should also have expertise in the topic being covered.

Ask for feedback. Does the content make a compelling case? Is it credible? Is it explained in a manner that makes sense?

After someone familiar with the subject gives your content a pass, don’t forget the value of copy editing. Your content needs to be easy to read online. Headlines and subheads need to catch attention and help tell the story. The content needs to be free of grammar and spelling errors.

Yes, this all takes time. Creating content that matters is worth it. The rest is just clutter that has no impact.