Write Great Online Content

Get More People to Create Content for Your Brand

You talking about you is fine as long as you do it in an interesting way. Others talking about you is likely to get more attention.

There are many content channels and content creators that may be highly valuable to
your brand. Contributors, bloggers, social influencers, and thought leaders are all
worth evaluating.

Focus on finding people who would logically want to tell their audience about your brand.

Identify Content Creators


Bloggers have many characteristics. Some may be employed by a particular publication. Some may operate blogs of their own.

Find bloggers with the right expertise for your brand. Look at what they have written to determine fit and the potential value of what they write to your brand.

Send them relevant and compelling pitches that make writing about you seem effortless.


Social media allows everyone to publish content. Influencers do this at a higher level, talking about issues and topics of interest and engaging many people in their efforts.

These people have audiences who look to them for recommendations and advice. Find influencers by looking at who your customers and target customers are following and commenting on.

Just as with bloggers, engage influencers by sending them relevant and compelling information that they will want to share.

Customers and Friends

Your best content creators may already be connected with you. You’ve got relationships with customers and other people who love your brand. Keep these people well informed of developments in your business, competitive landscape, industry, or shared areas of interest.

Pick the Content Providers with the Best Potential

Focus your efforts on the content creators most likely to deliver impact for your business. Don’t base outreach strategies on name recognition or publication size alone. Look at the real impact of influencer content, then focus on the highest value content creators.

Consider these factors:

  • Reach. When a content creator mentions your brand, how many people in your
    target audience are likely to see it?
  • Engagement. Does the influencer’s audience take action when presented with information? Do they share content?
  • SEO Impact. Does the influencer’s content appear with high domain authority? If so, backlinks, mentions, and sharing will signal to search engines that your site is highly relevant.

Build Relationships

Focus on building relationships with the selected content providers. The more you know about the influencer you wish to engage, the better you can engage them. It takes time and effort, but a long term connection has more value than a one-time engagement.

Ask for their support and ideas. Thank them for anything they do, no matter the results. Share the impact of what they write.


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