Content writing, proofing and editing

Checklist to Great Content

There is a lot of content online. Most fails to grab attention. Some rises above the clutter.

The effort to create great content is worthwhile. Content marketing costs less and has been proven to generate more leads than traditional marketing.

Improve the chances that your content is seen and motivates your target audience by focusing on quality over quantity. As you create content, follow this checklist:

  • Speaks to a specific need of my target audience
  • Tells a good story
  • Makes a compelling case for credibility
  • Connects in an emotional way
  • Concise, thoughtful and adds to what is already out there

One way to make sure you create worthwhile content is to have it reviewed before it is published. The ideal reviewer represents your target audience. He or she should also have expertise in the topic being covered.

Ask for feedback. Does the content make a compelling case? Is it credible? Is it explained in a manner that makes sense?

After someone familiar with the subject gives your content a pass, don’t forget the value of copy editing. Your content needs to be easy to read online. Headlines and subheads need to catch attention and help tell the story. The content needs to be free of grammar and spelling errors.

Yes, this all takes time. Creating content that matters is worth it. The rest is just clutter that has no impact.

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