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What You Need to Know About Html in Email Marketing

Guest Post by Kara Whittaker, Ghergich & Co.

One marketing email is the same any other email—right? Not so fast: Put two emails side by side and you’ll likely be able to discern the difference, not just in tone and topic, but in overall execution. Because let’s face it: Some marketers get it, and some really don’t.

The reason for the difference—and thus the reason for the difference in whether you open an email or don’t even hesitate before you hit “delete”—is probably the use of email best practices. There are right things and wrong things you can do to improve your email, and knowing them can help you get more clicks and build more community. (Yes, some of it is computer-geek speak, but that’s OK.)

For starters, you don’t have to learn how to code, but knowing how computers work with email—the difference between HTML and CSS—is helpful. What else should you understand? This graphic explains it.


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