10 Things Your Small Business Website Needs

Here’s a quick checklist for your website. If you have these items covered, you are in good shape. If not, it’s time for an update!

  1. A secure certificate (https) so that browsers don’t flag your site as not secure.
  2. A design that looks awesome on mobile devices. Most of your visits likely come from mobile devices!
  3. Branding that is consistent with your current look and feel, including a logo in the header. This logo should be clickable to take the user to the home page from any page at the site.
  4. Navigation across the top of the page. Navigation choices should be clear and simple. Generally 5-7 options are best.
  5. A call to action to contact you in the header, or somewhere very prominent. You need to be easy to reach!
  6. Good quality content that explains who you are and what you offer. This content needs to use your brand messaging and the keywords that relate to your brand.
  7. At least one SEO-optimized page of 350 words or more that will help searchers find you!
  8. A blog or other means of adding fresh content to the site regularly.
  9. Navigation and other key information in the footer. Once a user scrolls down, they should not have to scroll back up to navigate the site or determine how to contact you.
  10. Links to all of your other important places online, such as social media sites and key directory listings. Your website should be the hub of your online presence.

If you need help with these or any other website issues, contact me today. I’m here to help!

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