Write Content that Matters

You want your content to be noticed. Here’s a checklist to make that happen.

Address an Audience Interest

People read things that speak to their needs and interests. Period. If your content doesn’t talk about something they need or want, it is worthless.

For blog and social media posts, target a single interest or need. On your website, make sure your content addresses all key needs.

Make the topic clear in your headline and subheads. Repeat over and over in the text so the focus remains clear.

Be Clear and Authentic

Use clear language that doesn’t overstep. Stick to the bounds of what you know, to avoid losing the respect of your reader. Make sure the content reads as helpful and informative rather than like a sales pitch.

Offer Something Valuable

If you don’t have a new insight to share, you don’t have content worth sharing. Write your content in a way that offers a fresh perspective, that connects the dots, or shares your unique insight.

Make valuable, actionable suggestions that makes the reader feel rewarded for diving in to your content.

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