Prepare for the Future of Digital Marketing

I’ve participated in several webinars and workshops lately on the future of digital marketing. Everything is always changing! Here I share some themes.


Currently, people generally engage with six different channels for a brand before making a purchase decision. As marketers, we know this because keeping all those channels up to date is a daunting task.

Good news, is that a convergence is expected. Consumers will look to just one channel.

Bad news, the one preferred channel is not clear. Predictions are that it will involve highly individualized messaging or text. I haven’t seen a marketing plan yet to tackle that challenge.


People want authentic, human, relevant and timely messaging. If you haven’t dropped the corporate-speak, you are behind already and will be completely lost in the future. Marketing and communication that builds relationships will continue to win.

In relationships, one person doesn’t get to control all the conversations and actions. If your marketing is solely brand-led, start to think now about how you can let your audience take the lead in your relationship.

Add to the mix an increasing desire for spontaneous, unscripted communication.  I have seen this called “story living.” Whatever you call it, if you aren’t playing with live video already, you should start.

Personalized Content

Think about your content in segments. There is no one campaign. There is a series of highly personalized campaigns.

To accomplish this, you need to start thinking of your content in segments, noting the audience and need that each addresses. In the future, your messaging will assemble the right pieces for the specific person you are addressing.

Start to think now how you can structure your content for assemble-on-the-fly messaging.

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