Is Your Content Sad?

I recently saw a stat that 60-70 percent of business content sits unused. It gets used somewhere once and then sits lonely and untapped. Content gets created and not used. That is sad!

Creating content is a lot of work. You want to make sure you get lots of mileage from every piece you create.

First, be sure your content is great. Great content is:

  • Relevant
  • Informative
  • Entertaining
  • Pleasant to consume

Then, make sure you share it widely. Share your content:

  • On your website/blog
  • On your social media channels
  • In relevant social groups
  • On LinkedIn as an article
  • In your newsletter
  • On industry websites/blogs

You may have more options with vendors and partners. Explore them all! Everyone needs content. Let your content work for you by sharing widely.

Keeping a catalog of your content can be very helpful with this effort. Get the most mileage by spacing out your use of each piece of content over time. Even a space of two weeks will make content fresh in the eyes of readers.

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